Online Butterfly Farming Courses

Packing & Shipping Butterflies

packed boxThis self-paced course was written by experienced Butterfly Farmers that successfully ship thousands of butterflies annually.  A correctly packed box of butterflies will reflect positively on your business creating loyal and happy customers.  Releases are centered around celebrations of marriage or a loved one’s life.  This course shows how you can ensure your customer’s butterflies will arrive healthy and safely for their special release. $50.00 - Purchase Packing & Shipping Butterflies



Advanced Disease Course in Lepidoptera

Learn how to recognize and prevent disease in butterflies.
Signs and Symptoms, Methods of Disease Transmission
OE; NPV; Fungi; Bacteria, Breeding Stock, Checking for Disease, Standard Operating Procedures, Journal, Causes of Disease, Safety Precautions to prevent disease, Sanitation of eggs, pupae, food, surfaces, and containers; and more! $75.00 - Purchase Advanced Disease Prevention in Lepidoptera



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