Association for Butterflies Teacher’s Butterfly Rearing Course

Association for Butterflies’ 'Rearing Butterflies in the Classroom’ was designed to help teachers with the tools necessary to have a fun and successful experience with their students.  

Teachers!  Click here to find out how to take this course for $5.00 with proof of certification. 

Module 1 Table of Contents
Unit 1 Table of Contents
Module 2 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 3 Rearing Habitats
Unit 1 Rearing Habitats
Module 4 Choosing Which Butterfly Species to Raise
Unit 1 Choosing Which Butterfly Species to Raise
Module 5 Host Plants
Unit 1 Host Plants
Module 6 Curriculum Extensions
Unit 1 Curriculum Extensions
Module 7 Locating or Purchasing Livestock
Unit 1 Locating or Purchasing Livestock
Module 8 Safe Rearing Environment
Unit 1 Safe Rearing Environment
Module 9 Starting With Eggs
Unit 1 Starting With Eggs
Module 10 Raising Larvae
Unit 1 Raising Larvae
Module 11 Molting
Unit 1 Molting
Module 12 Pupation
Unit 1 Pupation
Module 13 Pupae
Unit 1 Pupae
Module 14 Emerging Adults
Unit 1 Emerging Adults
Module 15 Optimal Rearing Conditions
Unit 1 Optimal Rearing Conditions - Food Quality
Unit 2 Optimal Rearing Conditions - Parasitoids
Unit 3 Optimal Rearing Conditions - Disease
Module 16 List of host plants for each butterfly species:
Unit 1 List of host plants for each butterfly species:
Module 17 Dictionary
Unit 1 Dictionary
Module 18 Follow Up Activity
Unit 1 Follow Up Activities:
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