Butterfly Education

Butterfly education is the most critical part of what anyone interested in butterflies can take part in.  Whether you are interested in raising butterflies for profit or not, Association for Butterflies is dedicated to providing the highest quality of butterfly education to both professional breeders and butterfly enthusiasts alike.

We offer online courses designed to teach our members how to raise butterflies successfully for pleasure or profit.

Annual and ongoing courses include: Butterfly Breeding, Raising Different Species of Butterflies, Lepidoptera Disease Prevention, Releasing Butterflies at Weddings, Funerals, and Memorials, How to Apply for USDA Permits and more!

AFB offers certificates for select courses upon satisfactory completion of course material including vocabulary, quizzes, and a final exam.  Students are never required to take a quiz or exam if a certificate is not desired.

Throughout the year we offer additional live courses on a variety of topics.

In order to bring you the best quality courses for butterfly breeders and hobbyists, we invite you to visit Butterfly College, by clicking in the logo below. We offer both live and self-guided courses through our Butterfly College division.  To find out more about the courses offered, please click on the logo below.





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