Rabble Rallies

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A gathering of butterflies is called a Rabble. Rabble Rallies are one day, informal gatherings at a member farm location where farmers can get together, tour the host farm and talk about rearing challenges, helpful hints, new ideas, and more!

This round table format provides an open forum to discuss topics in depth and get ideas, problem solve, and enjoy the fellowship of butterfly friends and colleagues. Many of our members have been participating in Rallies for numerous years, and the benefits have been invaluable.

Our first Rabble Rally was a small gathering hosted by Jodi Hopper at Wish Upon a Butterfly.  A small group of breeders met in the on site gift and flower shop and enjoyed a day of round table discussion in front of a cozy fire. Jodi gave a tour of her farm operation, which includes an attached greenhouse, aeroponic system for growing plants during the colder months, and several in house rearing areas for various species.  It was a great learning venue, and the participants discussed the pros and cons of various methods and were able to ask questions related to her breeding operation.

The gathering was such a success, that several attendees visited other farm locations within a days’ drive. Word got out about the practical tips that were being shared and discussed and the Rabble Rally was requested as an annual event.

Our 2018 Rabble Rally was held October 20, hosted by Blair Leano-Helvey at Idlewild Butterfly Farm, located in Louisville, KY.  Offering far more than simply butterflies, Idlewild’s farm operation includes a USDA rearing lab and tropical insect containment facility. They offer an annual Halloween program which features arachnids, a variety of insects, and information on all sorts of fun topics like the Bubonic plague.  We got a personal tour of the lab, butterfly exhibit, and hands-on fun with Blair’s CREEPY THINGS event in the evening.


2018 Reviews:

The meeting was very beneficial and I liked that there was adequate time to interact with other farmers.

I had a good time!  I really liked the format; nice and casual, could chat about whatever we wanted, not a lot of running around to different places.  I think the time of year was great as well!

 The biggest plus was getting to know other farmers.  I really enjoyed meeting folks I interact with throughout the year!

 Love the format!  I learned so much in one day, and being able to discuss topics in depth was really helpful. There is so much that can be accomplished in an informal and casual setting.  Bonus was being able to see another farm operation.

 I haven’t attended recent conferences because the topics haven’t been focused on growing my business in a practical way.  The rally was perfect, as it offered an opportunity to interact with other farmers on a personal level and really discuss ideas, challenges, and helpful suggestions in detail.  I will definitely attend future rallies!

The 2020 Rabble Rally will take place October 17th at Wings of Enchantment in Albuquerque, New Mexico with hostess Tatia Veltkamp.

To register, go to 2020 Rabble Rally

Wings of Enchantment was founded in 2009.  We are located in the heart of Albuquerque, NM, home of the annual International Balloon Fiesta and chili capital of the world.  We have 360 days a year of sunshine but are in a very dry climate, which poses all kinds of challenges to add humidity to our operation.  Our small 96 sq. ft. greenhouse is used to grow a lot of our plants outside in the summer.  We grow all our own plants for our larvae.  We raise monarchs, painted ladies, black swallowtails and gulf fritillaries, provide life cycle kits to the local school systems and take our educational life cycle program and gardening program to the local community.  We also have a static display and a walk through tent we set up at local events.