Advanced Disease Prevention in Lepidoptera

Learn how to recognize and prevent disease in butterflies.
Signs and Symptoms
Methods of Disease Transmission
OE; NPV; Fungi; Bacteria
Breeding Stock
Checking for Disease
Standard Operating Procedures
Causes of Disease
Safety Precautions to prevent disease
Sanitation of eggs, pupae, food, surfaces, and containers; and more!

Module 1 Table of Contents
Unit 1 Table of Contents
Module 2 Chapter I
Unit 1 What is Disease?; Scientific Terms; Begin with the Basics; General Information; Farm Size; Disinfect, Sanitize, or Sterilize?; Tools for healthy Lepidoptera
Module 3 Chapter II
Unit 1 Healthy Breeding Stock ; Healthy Food Plants; Cleaning Rearing Facilities; Recognition of Signs and Symptoms of Disease; Identification of Disease; Eradication of Disease; Hand Sanitation; Proper Rearing Containers; Low Number of Larva in each Rearing Container; Keep Rearing Containers Free of Excessive Frass; SOP - Standard Operating Procedure; A Journal; Clean Room; Low Larva  Density
Module 4 Chapter III
Unit 1 Chapter III
Module 5 Chapter IV
Unit 1 Chapter IV
Module 6 Chapter V
Unit 1 Chapter V Copy
Module 7 Chapter VI
Unit 1 Chapter VI
Module 8 Chapter VII
Unit 1 Chapter VII Copy
Module 9 Chapter VIII
Unit 1 Chapter VIII
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