Welcome to Association for Butterflies!

Association for Butterflies is a dynamic trade organization committed to providing valuable resources for professional butterfly farmers. Take part in a community that shares more than 20 years experience in the butterfly farming industry and supports members through the promotion of high quality rearing practices, continuing education, conservation outreach and research.  We support butterfly hobbyists and enthusiasts and offer different membership levels that are renewable at any time of the year.

Enjoy many AFB membership benefits including:

  • A shared community of professional butterfly breeders committed to sharing their experience and knowledge via membership email list and private mentoring
  • Continuing education courses through our exclusive Butterfly College
  • Exclusive annual, in-depth, live, Advanced Disease Prevention Course with certification, FREE to Professional members
  • Free, one year Private Mentoring Program for beginning Professional Members
  • Exclusive Beginner’s Seminar offered annually
  • Annual regional Rabble Rally to connect with other farmers
  • Exclusive BEAD holiday program that supports conservation and habitat restoration
  • Renewable membership at any time of year.