The Association for Butterflies (AFB) strives to create and maintain programs that will promote the good health of captive raised butterflies released into the wild. We offer programs to the butterfly farmer and the enthusiast.


spore3OE Clean Screen Program

AFB is proud to announce the “OE Clean Screen Program”. We are dedicated to capturing annual data that represents the health of captive raised Monarch Butterflies by butterfly farmers and enthusiast.

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Butterfly Disease Screening Co-Opmicroscope

AFB and the Mississippi State Pathology Department are teaming up to bring you a fantastic screening co-op at affordable prices.

Basic diagnostic screening for any species of butterfly larvae is now available to hobbyist and butterfly farmers. The larvae are screened for occluded virus, microsporida, and bacteria.  Mississippi State University and the Association for Butterflies are working together to make this screening service more affordable for all butterfly breeders.

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