Butterfly Gardening

With annual loss of habitat, butterfly gardening has never been more important. Whether a patio garden or a large, dedicated space, you can support the life cycle of butterflies.

Association for Butterflies supports gardeners by offering Butterfly Gardening Courses with certification. Learn how to create a habitat which not only attracts but also produces butterflies.

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Basic Butterfly Gardening
Basic butterfly gardening is fun and rewarding.  You don’t need a big garden to attract these beautiful creatures.

Rain Gardens
A rain garden could help to reduce flooding, remove the pollutants and benefit an array of wildlife including our beloved butterflies.

Deer Resistant Flowers
Are you constantly fighting the wildlife that is coming to eat the garden you’ve worked so hard to plant?  Check out this list of flowers that the deer are reluctant to eat.

Seaside Suggestions for butterflies
Here is a list of plants that have no problem with a briny breeze for those who enjoy coastal living.

Shade Plants for butterflies
Do you have shady places that you can’t figure out what to plant?  There are some butterfly plants that do moderately to very well in the shade.

Companion Planting
Instead of using insecticides, here is a thorough list of what you can plant with what to help deter that bug that you DON’T want in your garden.

Pollinator Friendly Planting Guide
Enter your zip code and download a guide just for your region!

There’s even an app for your smart phone.

Organic Garden Pest Control
With all the chemicals being used today that are harming us as well as the butterflies, we need to turn to a more natural method to help control the pests we don’t want in our gardens.  See some great recommendations for many common pests.