East and West Monarchs are genetically the same.

Last week at the Western Monarch Conference Bob Pyle, who is one of the biggest anti release people out there, finally admitted that the east and west monarchs are genetically the same. This is after swearing on bibles for decades that were not and claiming that it breeders were guilty of “Environmental Terrorism” by the playing havoc with the gene pool. I have been reading more and more papers about experts also finally concluded  that they are genetically the same. I have included one of those reports below and isolated the important of the paper for you. It mentions Brower’s report that they are the same. Brower was another one claimed forever that they were the same. But both Lincoln Brower and his son Andy later wrote papers on how DNA analysis shows homogeneity throughout North America. They’re all related because they concentrate in overwintering areas from a wide geographical area and then after mass mating over the centuries they are homogenized.  If anything all of the “You Are Srewing Up the Genes” crowd owe us an apology but in their eyes we are below the and only money hungry low lifes

Now Connecticut is worried about the mixing of out of state genes in butterflies when in fact several species butterflies from Mexico and the southern states fly north to repopulate northern states. According to the anti release NABA they include Cloudless Sulphur, Little Yellow, Gulf Fritillary, Painted Lady, American Lady, Red Admiral, Common Buckeye, Long-tailed Skipper, Clouded Skipper, Fiery Skipper, Sachem, and Ocola Skipper. For most species these northward dispersals are gradual, but, in especially good years, one can see Painted Ladies, Cloudless Sulphurs or Clouded Skippers streaming northward along migratory routes.  For some species the reverse migration southward in the fall is even more obvious. Cloudless Sulphurs, Mourning Cloaks, Question Marks, and especially Queens and Monarchs can sometimes be found moving southward in groups of thousands.

Do any of the “Butterfly Scientists” check any of those species for OE or species specific viruses? No because they don’t care because the other species are not ‘Popular’. 

Site for show they are genetically the same.


Population Genetics of Overwintering Monarch Butterflies, Danaus plexippus (Linnaeus), from Central Mexico Inferred from Mitochondrial DNA and Microsatellite Markers

Edward Pfeiler,1 Nestor O. Nazario-Yepiz,1 Fernan Pérez-Gálvez,1 Cristina Alejandra Chávez-Mora,1 Mariana Ramírez Loustalot Laclette,1 Eduardo Rendón-Salinas,1 and Therese Ann Markow1

In full paper if you scroll down to the second paragraph under the heading Discussion they state that all monarchs are pretty much genetically the same as the

Lyons study website at the bottom shows.

Haplotype and nucleotide diversities were low in the COI gene segment in D. plexippus, and only slightly higher in the COII segment, in agreement with 2 previous mtDNA studies. Restriction fragment–length polymorphism analysis (Brower and Boyce 1991) and direct sequencing of an approximately 1500 bp segment of the COI and COII genes (Brower and Jeansonne 2004) showed very little genetic differentiation among monarchs from the USA (including eastern and western populations) and Mexico (MBBR), as well among a few individuals from northern South America and the Caribbean, but sample sizes from Michoacán, Mexico were low (?12 individuals). Allozyme studies (Eanes and Koehn 1979; Shephard et al. 2002) also have indicated low levels of genetic variability in D. plexippus in general as well as little differentiation among the populations sampled from across large geographic areas of North America. In addition, microsatellite studies have shown a lack of genetic differentiation between eastern and western USA populations (Lyons et al. 2012).

Lyons paper also stated very little if no difference in populations of Monarchs


You’re Screwing Up The Genetic Pool