Why become a member of Association for Butterflies?


Butterfly Farming:
Association for Butterflies (AFB) is dedicated to helping butterfly farmers and butterfly breeders  through education, promoting butterfly farmers, support through courses and mentoring, and programs to ensure higher quality raising standards.  Association for Butterflies will use funds to help in all areas of butterfly farming – better butterfly farming raising habits, promotion of the butterfly industry, butterfly farming education, etc.

Association for Butterflies has an emailing list for members for questions, discussion of new ideas, discussion of problems, and support.

Butterfly Education:
Association for Butterflies  is dedicated to educating as many people as possible on how to raise and ship healthy butterflies, how to have a successful butterfly release, and how to help butterflies through conservation.

The Association for Butterflies is ‘for butterflies’ through several areas; Research, Conservation, Farming, and Gardening.

The Association for Butterflies mandates through the bylaws that all funds not used for necessary function of the non-profit association MUST be divided between the areas of conservation, research, and farming.

Association for Butterflies expended funds for two insect pathologists who edited and monitored the Basic Lepidoptera Disease Course which is offered by the association each year.

Research for Butterflies:
There are many areas that butterfly research is needed. Some areas, but not limited to are: disease  in butterflies, better ways to raise and ship butterflies, caterpillars, pupae and eggs, butterfly conservation, and much more. Association for Butterflies (AFB) will use funds to aid in research in these areas and more.

Association for Butterflies directed funds to Mississippi State University for their Lepidoptera research.  Also, research has been done concerning the safest (yet inexpensive) shipping boxes, ice packs, and methods for transportation of butterflies for conservatories, butterfly exhibits, research facilities, and individuals.

IMG_7432Butterfly Conservation:
Many people are unaware how loss of habitat , urban development, excess usage of pesticides, etc. has  contributed to the decline of the butterfly. In some cases, it has even caused some species to become nearly extinct. Association for Butterflies will use funds to help build awareness about butterflies and also aid in the butterfly conservation projects.



* These are funds beyond the necessary administration costs of the association and not including donations designated for a specific purpose.