Why become a member of Association for Butterflies?


Butterfly Farming:
Association for Butterflies (AFB) is a dynamic, non-profit trade organization committed to providing valuable resources for professional butterfly farmers. We are dedicated to equipping butterfly farmers to raise the healthiest, most vibrant butterflies possible. Take part in a community that shares more than 20 years experience in the butterfly farming industry and supports members through the promotion of high quality rearing practices, continuing education, mentoring, conservation outreach and research. 

Enjoy our community of professional butterfly breeders committed to sharing their experience and knowledge via membership email list and private mentoring.

Butterfly Education:
One of the single most important elements to successful butterfly rearing is education. Since 2004, AFB has been the industry leader in butterfly education, offering courses to both members and non-members. Whether you are interested in raising butterflies for profit or pleasure, Association for Butterflies is dedicated to providing the highest quality training to both professional breeders and butterfly enthusiasts alike.

We offer a wide variety of online courses designed to equip our members and the butterfly community on how to raise butterflies successfully. To better meet the needs of these interests, we provide both live and self-guided classes through our exclusive Butterfly College.

Association for Butterflies has expended funds for two insect pathologists who edited and monitored the Basic Lepidoptera Disease Course which is offered by the association each year.

Research for Butterflies:
There are many areas in which butterfly research is needed. Some of these, but not limited to are: disease in butterflies, better ways to raise and ship butterflies, caterpillars, pupae and eggs, butterfly conservation, and more. Association for Butterflies (AFB) directs funds to aid in research in these areas.

Association for Butterflies directed funds to Mississippi State University for their Lepidoptera research.  Also, research has been done concerning the safest and most economical shipping boxes, ice packs, and methods for transportation of butterflies for conservatories, butterfly exhibits, research facilities, and individuals.

IMG_7432Butterfly Conservation:
Butterflies are valuable and beautiful contributors to our environment.  The butterfly farmers and gardeners of Association for Butterflies work with their local agencies, landowners, schools, libraries, and other nonprofit organizations to create habitats and increase public knowledge about the importance of butterfly conservation.

To celebrate the beauty and importance of these amazing creatures,  AFB has created an annual holiday the first Saturday in June of each year. To further this commitment, in conjunction with butterfly farmers, museums, and individuals, AFB has a fund raising endeavor to promote the conservation of butterflies and their habitat. Funds raised through the sale of an annual commemorative bead support our Mini-Grant program, a matching grant for conservation projects within the United States.