AFB Mini-Grant Application Guide

Welcome to the Association For Butterflies Mini-Grant Application. This grant is offered annually in an effort to increase habitat and awareness of what is required to support butterflies and their life cycle. This is a guide to help you submit complete applications for consideration by the AFB Grant Committee.

Applications are accepted from January 18 to February 12. E-mail received by midnight 2/12.

Applications are ONLY valid for the year submitted.

The online form will clear once click ‘Submit’.  You will be emailed a PDF of your submitted application. Allow 24 hours to receive this email.  It is recommended you draft your project in another editor, then copy and paste into the online form.

Applications and photos become the property of the AFB and may be used at the discretion of the AFB.

All applicants will be notified of the status of their application by the first Saturday of June. This is BEAD, Butterfly Education Awareness Day.

Application must be submitted via the online form only.

Important!  The application must be filled out completely or will not be valid.

All photos are to be numbered _________________1.jpg, __________________ 2.jpg, ect.
First 8 letters of the group name.

Name and e-mail on the application must match the name and e-mail that submitted it.

Did you include “Before” pictures?

Did you include your “Fund Raiser”. This is a matching grant. Donations are not considered a fundraiser.

Does your project increase habitat?

Is your project sustainable?

E-mail all files to:

Mini Grant Page