Butterfly Mini-Grant

Association for Butterflies (AFB) was established to support butterfly farmers and hobbyists through education, mentoring, and research. We are dedicated to educating both farmers and the public in the area of conservation by promoting butterfly habitats and gardening, and to provide resources that ensure quality raising practices for healthy butterflies.

To further this commitment, in conjunction with butterfly farmers, museums, and individuals, AFB has begun a fund raising endeavor to promote the conservation of butterflies and their habitat. Funds will be raised through the sale of an annual commemorative bead with the profits to be awarded by a matching grant for conservation projects within the United States.

Projects must be conservation minded and benefit butterflies and/or habitat and may be part of a community, school, park, non-profit conservation group or any group interested in Lepidoptera.

Projects may include, but not be limited to:  planting a Monarch Waystation, pollinator friendly garden, butterfly education area or native plant area.  Other projects may be submitted for consideration.  Educational projects must include some type of permanent piece or structure.

The mini-grant is a matching fund grant.  The Association will match one dollar for every one dollar your organization raises up to the amount of the grant.  Applications may be submitted prior to April 30th annually and will be awarded during the Butterfly Education and Awareness Day (BEAD), which is the first Saturday in June.

Funds for the mini-grant will be paid in two parts.  The first fifty percent (50%) will be paid upon selection and approval of the project by the selection committee.  The final fifty percent (50%) will be paid upon receiving the pictures and a written summary of the finished project.

All photos become the property of the Association for Butterflies and may be used as deemed appropriate for advertisement, sales, etc. at the Association’s discretion.

Each application will receive notification of their status upon completion of the selection process.  Applications will be accepted from January 1st to April 30th annually and are only valid for the year submitted and become the property of the Association for Butterflies and will not be returned.

Applications will be accepted beginning January 1, 2016, and must be submitted on the Official Application and be complete.  Please add additional sheets as needed to convey your proposal.  Applications must be submitted to the chairman of the selection committee by e-mail as indicated on the form.

Revised October 7, 2015

2016 Butterfly Habitat Mini-Grant Winners

AFB is pleased to announce the butterfly habitat mini-grants awarded for 2016!

Mccrary Elementary School
Walt Clarke Middle School


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