Sponsors of 2019 Conference

Become a Sponsor for the

2019 Conference in St. Louis, MO

Contact afb@forbutterflies.org to become a sponsor.

Monarch Butterfly Sponsor get your name listed here

$1000 – Listing on top of sponsor page and top of both agenda pages.  Full page listing in program.

Pupae Sponsor 

Todd Stout

$500 – 1/2 page listing in program

Larvae Sponsor 

Michigan Native Butterfly Farm

Judi Fulk

$250 – 1/4 page listing in program

Egg Sponsor 

$50 – Business size listing in program

Or you can sponsor the: (these sponsors will be listed in the program next to what they are sponsoring)

Meet and Greet sponsored by Butterfly Farming Supplies

Providing butterfly farmers, educators, exhibitors and hobbyists with quality products for raising and releasing healthy butterflies

Cages – Netting – Packaging

Release supplies – Custom Orders


Snacks $200

Dinner Cruise Shuttle $350

Field Trip Shuttle $450

Field Trip $200